US Nationals 2000 Round 11 Results

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By Wizards of the Coast

Player Opponent Result
Aubertin, Justin Flores, Micheal Won, 2-0
Beckmon, Jon Morales, Manuel Lost, 0-2
Benafel, Chris Mowshowitz, Zvi Won, 2-1
Bhattacharyya, Sayan Ho, Ken Won, 2-0
Bragg, Tillman Winkelstien, Jerry Won, 2-1
Bunsongsikul, Ped Burghy, Jeff Lost, 0-2
Burghy, Jeff Bunsongsikul, Ped Won, 2-0
Clauss, Micheal Keffer, Philip Lost, 1-2
Clegg, Daniel Zimmerman, Steve Won, 2-0
Comer, Alan Fung, Elliot Lost, 0-2
Connell, Warren Curtis, Lee Drew, Intentional
Curtis, Lee Connell, Warren Drew, Intentional
Davis, Brian Fink, Jeffery Won, 2-0
Dougherty, Robert Swoyer, Mark Lost, 1-2
Fink, Jeffery Davis, Brian Lost, 0-2
Finkel, Jon Rose, Kyle Drew, Intentional
Flores, Micheal Aubertin, Justin Lost, 0-2
Forsythe, Aaron Stirler, Jacob Won, 2-0
Fortenberry, Joe Mitchell Jr., Bruce Won, 2-1
Frangiosa, Rich Nishioka, Andrew Won, 2-1
Fung, Elliot Comer, Alan Won, 2-0
Gallitz, Donald Lovin, Mark Lost, 0-2
Gary, Justin Hernandez, Frank Lost, 1-2
Guevin, Tom Maher Jr., Bob Won, 2-0
Hernandez, Frank Gary, Justin Won, 2-1
Ho, Ken Bhattacharyya, Sayan Lost, 0-2
Humpherys, David Turian, Michael Lost, 0-2
Jafari, David Price, David Lost, 0-2
Kastle, Darwin Kuenal, Zack Won, 2-1
Kauffman, Thomas Sangiamvongse, Prasong Lost, 1-2
Keffer, Philip Clauss, Micheal Won, 2-1
Kuenal, Zack Kastle, Darwin Lost, 1-2
La Beau, Mike Mcnelly, Marc Lost, 1-2
Lane, Adam Van Vleet, Matt Won, 2-0
Lewis, Aaron Robles, Robert Won, 2-0
Lim, Donald York, Kenny Won, 2-0
Long, Mike Pustilnik, Michael Won, 2-0
Lovell, Brian Shvartsman, Alex Won, 2-0
Lovin, Mark Gallitz, Donald Won, 2-0
Maher Jr., Bob Guevin, Tom Lost, 0-2
Manning, Chris Mindes, Michael Won, 2-1
Mcnelly, Marc La Beau, Mike Won, 2-1
Mindes, Michael Manning, Chris Lost, 1-2
Mitchell Jr., Bruce Fortenberry, Joe Lost, 1-2
Morales, Manuel Beckmon, Jon Won, 2-0
Mourssali, Riad Stampke, Ryan Won, 2-1
Mowshowitz, Zvi Benafel, Chris Lost, 1-2
Nishioka, Andrew Frangiosa, Rich Lost, 1-2
OMS, Steven Regnier, Shawn Won, 2-1
Pitz, Jesse Strand, Ryan Lost, 0-2
Price, David Jafari, David Won, 2-0
Pustilnik, Michael Long, Mike Lost, 0-2
Regnier, Shawn OMS, Steven Lost, 1-2
Robles, Robert Lewis, Aaron Lost, 0-2
Rose, Kyle Finkel, Jon Drew, Intentional
Sangiamvongse, Prasong Kauffman, Thomas Won, 2-1
Shvartsman, Alex Lovell, Brian Lost, 0-2
Soo, Waiken Wells, Sean Lost, 1-2
Stampke, Ryan Mourssali, Riad Lost, 1-2
Stirler, Jacob Forsythe, Aaron Lost, 0-2
Strand, Ryan Pitz, Jesse Won, 2-0
Swoyer, Mark Dougherty, Robert Won, 2-1
Turian, Michael Humpherys, David Won, 2-0
Van Vleet, Matt Lane, Adam Lost, 0-2
Wells, Sean Soo, Waiken Won, 2-1
Winkelstien, Jerry Bragg, Tillman Lost, 1-2
York, Kenny Lim, Donald Lost, 0-2
Zimmerman, Steve Clegg, Daniel Lost, 0-2

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