US Nationals Artist: Chris Rush

Posted in Feature on June 8, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Chris Rush's Cards
Card NameCard Set
Soldevi AdnateAlliances
Sol GrailAlliances
Lim-Dûl’s PaladinAlliances
Krovikan HorrorAlliances
Ihsan’s ShadeAnthologies Box Set
Artifact PossessionAntiquities
Tawnos’s CoffinAntiquities
Tablet of EpityrAntiquities
Yotian SoldierAntiquities
Desert NomadsArabian Nights
Rukh EggArabian Nights
MetamorphosisArabian Nights
Nafs AspArabian Nights
Flying MenArabian Nights
ForestArena 2001
PlainsArena 2001
Infantry VeteranBattle Royale Box Set
Lightning BoltBeatdown Box Set
BrainstormBeatdown Box Set
The WretchedChronicles
Bog ImpClassic Sixth Edition
DemystifyEighth Edition
Order of the Ebon HandFallen Empires
Icatian InfantryFallen Empires
NecriteFallen Empires
Goblin GrenadeFallen Empires
Elvish ScoutFallen Empires
Basal ThrullFallen Empires
Joiner AdeptFifth Dawn
Myr QuadropodFifth Dawn
Abbey GargoylesFifth Edition
Fire DrakeFifth Edition
Radjan SpiritFifth Edition
Mana FlareFourth Edition
ForestFourth Edition
Junún EfreetFourth Edition
Relic BindFourth Edition
Eron the RelentlessHomelands
Rashka the SlayerHomelands
Word of UndoingIce Age
Fyndhorn ElderIce Age
Forbidden LoreIce Age
Urza’s BaubleIce Age
PlainsIce Age
SeraphIce Age
Malachite TalismanIce Age
Snow-Covered PlainsIce Age
PlainsIce Age
Crookshank KoboldsLegends
Green Mana BatteryLegends
Storm WorldLegends
Hell SwarmLegends
Sunastian FalconerLegends
Jovial EvilLegends
Craw GiantLegends
Granite GargoyleLimited Edition Alpha
Rod of RuinLimited Edition Alpha
Kormus BellLimited Edition Alpha
Nether ShadowLimited Edition Beta
ForestLimited Edition Beta
Black LotusLimited Edition Beta
Volcanic HammerMagic Miscellaneous
1996 World ChampionMagic Miscellaneous
Black LotusMagic Miscellaneous
All Hallow’s EveMTG Oversize Cards
Elvish PioneerOnslaught
Dread ReaperPortal
Apprentice SorcererPortal Second Age
Brass ManRevised Edition
Snapping DrakeStarter 1999
Stone RainTempest
Rathi DragonTempest
Canopy SpiderTempest
Blood of the MartyrThe Dark
Tormod’s CryptThe Dark
Bone FluteThe Dark
Dark Heart of the WoodThe Dark
Coal GolemThe Dark
Niall SilvainThe Dark
Safe HavenThe Dark
RuneswordThe Dark
Chicken EggUnglued
[Zombie token card]Unglued
Blacker LotusUnglued
ManabarbsUnlimited Edition
Gauntlet of MightUnlimited Edition
Goblin BerserkerUrza’s Destiny
Forbidden RitualVisions
Mana LeakWorld Champ Deck 2003 #2

One of the original Magic artists, Christopher Rush has painted cards in many sets. Also a staffer at Wizards of the Coast, he worked as a designer on many projects. Most notably Magic, Netrunner and Pokemon.
In 1999 He left Wizards to pursue a freelance career in illustration and design, working on conceptual art for computer games.
Chris disappeared for a couple of years, but was eventually found, having escaped the city, he is currently living the simple life in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas.
He now continues doing art for Magic: the Gathering.

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