US Open Round 4 Pairings

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By Wizards of the Coast

Player Opponent Table
Ally, Arif Spright, Patrick 16
Augustine, Brian Ziegler, Eric 6
Buck, Paul Sandrock, Eric 13
Buovanni, Chris Potter, Skip 14
Cooper, Geddes Martell, Tom 10
Currence, Bryce Krouner, Ken 3
De Michele, David Wescoe, Craig 8
Golden, Ryan Hartney, Aaron 5
Grodzinski, Tyler Liebert, Dylan 4
Hale, Yancy Sigman, Kevin 12
Hartney, Aaron Golden, Ryan 5
Hines, Stephen Lloyd, Colin 2
Jarvis, Steve Waldbauer, Mitchell 7
Johnson, Andrew Tetlow, Adam 1
Krouner, Ken Currence, Bryce 3
Liebert, Dylan Grodzinski, Tyler 4
Lloyd, Colin Hines, Stephen 2
Ly, Darek Thompson, Keith 9
Martell, Tom Cooper, Geddes 10
Mindes, Michael Stark, Ben 11
Moungey, Jason Woodward, Thomas 15
Potter, Skip Buovanni, Chris 14
Sandrock, Eric Buck, Paul 13
Sigman, Kevin Hale, Yancy 12
Spright, Patrick Ally, Arif 16
Stark, Ben Mindes, Michael 11
Tetlow, Adam Johnson, Andrew 1
Thompson, Keith Ly, Darek 9
Waldbauer, Mitchell Jarvis, Steve 7
Wescoe, Craig De Michele, David 8
Woodward, Thomas Moungey, Jason 15
Ziegler, Eric Augustine, Brian 6

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