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Posted in Feature on September 10, 2012

By Conley Woods

Almost two weeks ago, Yuuya Watanabe won the first-ever Magic Players Championship in Seattle, Washington. With the World Championships changing to an all-team format with the World Magic Cup, and the Player of the Year race seemingly becoming a thing of the past, this sixteen-person, invite-only tournament looks to be the only remaining event to crown a year-long champion. The event combined three different formats across three days to crown the first ever players champion.

Aether Vial

Shouta Yasooka was one of the event's participants. If you know Shouta, you know that means a brew of a Constructed deck. Shouta has been seen casting Cryptic Command atop a Doran, the Siege Tower he had in play. I even remember losing to a Yosei, the Morning Star lock via Miren, the Moaning Well in Extended, so he can certainly show up to an event with just about anything.

For the Modern portion of the Magic Players Championship, as well as the Top 4, Shouta showed up with an innovative—yet tame, by his standards—RUG Aggro Control list. The deck is one of the first in the format to abuse Æther Vial, similar to how Merfolk uses the engine in Legacy. With every one of his creatures being an incredible rare, often with utility, Shouta is able to turn Æther Vial into a card-advantage, and mana-advantage, engine. With a Modern Pro Tour around the corner, keep an eye on this RUG list to help define the new format!

Shouta Yasooka's RUG Aggro

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