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Posted in Feature on March 18, 2006

By John Carter

Send your rules questions to Level Four Judge John Carter. Can't find the answer to your question somewhere else, like the Magic Comprehensive Rules? Maybe he's already answered it! Try the Saturday School Searchable Rules Database.

This week we have a wide array of topics. Though I try to avoid being too repetitive, some questions recur often enough that I've given them added attention this week. If you have a question about a card interaction, I'd suggest looking in the Saturday School Searchable Archive. Try similar cards if the exact one you're after doesn't come up (especially if it's part of a cycle with a shared mechanic).

Q: Does Rule of Law stop replicate since they count as separate spells? --Brenainn S.

A: No, replications are put on the stack by replicate's trigger. The copies aren't actually played, and Rule of Law only stops people from playing a second spell.

Moratorium Stone
Q: Can you use Cremate or Moratorium Stone to negate haunt? My friends claim that the action of haunting happens too fast. --James

A: Haunting a creature triggers and uses the stack. If you respond to that trigger and remove the card with haunt before the ability removes it from the game, then you can stop the haunting. Cremate (etc.) won't help after the card has been removed.

*Extra*: If something like a Judgment Wish fetches an card that's been removed by haunt, then the haunted creature is freed, and no haunt will happen when it dies.

Q: Can a card haunt a creature with protection from the color of that card? If not, can you get rid of a haunt with protection, like from Bathe in Light? --John W.

A: You can't target a creature with the triggered ability if that creature has protection from the haunting card's color. Gaining protection after that trigger has resolved won't remove hauntings though - only enchantments and equipment get knocked off when something gains protection.

*Extra*: Protection works for more than just color. For example, Petrified Wood-Kin can't be targeted by the haunt ability from an instant (Seize the Soul).

Q: My opponent plays Electrolyze, and then I play Remand on the Electrolyze. There are no other spells on the stack. Can my opponent sacrifice his Goblin Flectomancer to make my Remand target itself, and if so, how does that resolve? --Michael F.

A: Your opponent can sacrifice the Flectomancer targeting Remand - it is a sorcery or instant spell, but the ability won't do anything. Remand is already targeting the Electrolyze, and a spell can't target itself.

Q: If I have Leyline of Singularity on the table and play a Hunted Phantasm, will all the Goblins die, or will one still be alive? --Rejean C.

A: The legend rule will put all the Goblin tokens into the graveyard.

Q: Can you put a Leyline from your hand into play and then mulligan? --Jon

A: No. The first cards you draw are your initial hand. [CR 101.4] Once mulligans are complete, the hand becomes your opening hand, and the Leylines looks for that opening (not initial) hand.

Gruul Turf
Q: Can I play Gruul Turf, which requires me to pick up a land under my control, on my first turn without picking up a land, since there are none that I control? --Robert C.

A: This question comes up a lot and has been answered already, but let's go over the details once more... You play Gruul Turf on your first turn. When the triggered ability resolves, you'll return a land. You have only a Gruul Turf in play. Gruul Turf is a land. (Guess which land is going right back to your hand.)

Q: I played Annex on one of my opponent's lands. Then I used Copy Enchantment to take another. If the original Annex gets Naturalized, can I still use the Copy Enchantment in my hand to take another land via the Copy Enchantment in play that is a copy of Annex? --Harley

A: Yes, the Annex-Copy is treated like a regular Annex and will be copiable by the new Copy Enchantment as an Annex.

Q: If I search my library for a for a Boros Fury-Shield using Sunforger, can I pay an additional to enhance it? --Sean F.

A: No, the Sunforger paid for the mana cost, so no was or can be spent for it.

*Extra*: If you're playing an enhanced spell with Fist of Suns, you are paying mana (though not like normal) for the spell. And since every color is paid for the Fist, any of the enhanced spells will get juiced from the Fist.

Q: I have a Sakura-Tribe Elder with a Moldervine Cloak on it. My opponent plays a Seed Spark on the Cloak; I sacrifice the Elder in response. Does he still get tokens? --Stoicescu L.

A: No, the Cloak is put into the graveyard after the Elder is sacrificed, so the Seed Spark's only target is illegal. The Seed Spark is countered on resolution.

Q: If I play Hex and there are only six creatures in play, can my opponent sacrifice a creature to make the Hex do nothing? --Steven V.

A: If any legal targets remain, then the spell will do what it can to those targets. In this case, the five remaining targets will be destroyed.

Q: There's a card called Living Death. I was just wondering if it is a good card for the Golgari.
--Jason G.

A: Good isn't exactly a rules question, but the Golgari do enjoy wiping out the competition and bringing out their dead. I'd say Savra would be pleased.

Q: What happens if I have a 1/1 Kagemaro, First to Suffer in play, then I play Gleancrawler (the only card left in my hand)? Does Kagemaro return to my hand at end of turn? --Ignacio R.

A: Yes. When you play the Gleancrawler, Kagemaro becomes a 0/0 and is put into the graveyard by state-based effects. Gleanie shows up soon after and hangs around looking trampley. At the end of the turn, Gleancrawler asks the turn if it saw anybody go to the graveyard that turn, and the turn politely tosses the Kage-corpse back into your hand.

Q: If I use an enchantment on Bramble Elemental, and the enchantment doesn't state "Aura" on its card type, would I still get the two tokens? --KR

A: Cards that predate the term Aura have been errataed to use the term. An older "Enchant Creature" card works the same way as a modern "Enchantment —Aura" with "Enchant creature" in the text box.

Thran Lens
Q: My friend says that as long as Thran Lens in play all my lands only tap for colorless because they are colorless. Is that right? --Matt B.

A: Lands normally are colorless anyway. What a land produces doesn't mean anything about what color of mana it produces. Your Mountains will be as colorless as they always were, and they'll keep making mana just as red as it ever was.

Q: Do I put a +1/+1 counter on a creature with Rite of Passage if I regenerate it? --Mario S.

A: Yes, regeneration removes damage from a creature that would have been destroyed, but it does take that damage. That damage that's causing the destruction and need for regeneration will also trigger Rite of Passage.

Q: There is a symbol on a card that we don't know. The picture is a grave symbol on the left side of the card, and we don't know what it stands for. --James H.

A: That gray headstone symbol is called a "tombstone icon." It appears in the Odyssey block on cards that want to be noticed while in the graveyard such as cards with flashback and friendly Mr. Ichorid.

Q: If a Birds of Paradise was equipped with a Loxodon Warhammer, and then you used Mannichi, the Fevered Dreams, would Birds become 1/3 or 4/0? --Brian H.

A: The Birds would have 3/1 reversed to 1/3.

Q: My friends and I have had almost endless discussion on this subject. The rules say a creature with protection can't even be blocked by a creature of that color. The logic of that escapes us. Why can't a creature of that color still block and take the damage? Please clear this up. --William C.

A: Conceptually, the protected creature is so well armored that considering such a block would be ridiculous - fires don't show up at the fire station looking for a fight.

Chaos Charm
Q: I want to destroy a Wall of Shadows with Chaos Charm by using the "destroy target Wall" option. My friend says that I can't because it can only target Walls. My argument is that Chaos Charm can target non-Walls with the "deal 1 damage" option, so it doesn't count as a spell that can only target Walls. Who is right? --Brian W.

A: Choosing the mode that destroys a Wall means that spell can only target Walls. Your friend is correct. However, if you choose the "deal 1 damage" mode, you could deal the damage to the 0/1 Wall and have the lethal damage do the destroying.

Q: Can creatures that are affected by summoning sickness block? --Nish G.

A: Yes. Summoning sickness stops only attacking and abilities with the .

*Extra*: Another common misconception is that blocking causes a creature to tap. This isn't true either. You might move cards to indicate what is blocking what, but blockers don't become tapped as a result.

Q: We have had some controversy as to whether or not Ornate Kanzashi's controller has to pay the mana cost of the removed card when playing that card. --Austin S.

A: The Kanzashi only handles the theft and playability of the card; paying for it is up to the player that stole it.

Q: Do cards that call for a specific land (i.e. Kird Ape or Blanchwood Armor) recognize dual lands, or do they recognize only the name of the land? --Mikhael

A: Yes, dual lands (the original ten, or the Ravnica duals) will affect cards that look for their land types. Stomping Ground or Taiga would affect Kird Ape and Blanchwood Armor.

*Extra*: By comparison, Gaea's Touch specifies that the extra land you can play can only be a basic Forest - no duals there.

Q: Can you discard a card and a Snow-Covered Island instead of paying Foil's mana cost? Does a Snow-Covered Island count as an Island card? --Thorsten P.

A: Snow-Covered lands count as a basic land of the appropriate type. You can discard a Snow-Covered Island (plus another card) to cover Foil's cost.

*Extra*: An "Island card" is a card with the land type Island. You could discard a Watery Grave or a Tropical Island (plus another card) for Foil.

Q: I was playing in a four-person game. One player took my Platinum Angel from my deck with Acquire. A few turns later I lost, but the player with my Platinum Angel was still in. Would the Angel still be under that player's control, or would I take it after I lost? --Ethan

A: When you lose, you leave, and everything you own goes with you - including the Angel. [CR 600.4a]

Q: My friends and I have been discussing the concept of priority and how it works with the stack. From what we understand, the player with the priority can play all the wants without being interrupted. When he is ready, he passes the priority to the other. However, what use is this concept if you can play while the stack empties itself? I must admit I find this quite confusing. --Dominic B.

A: You have the important parts down. First, you can keep doing stuff - following the normal rules about sorceries and whatnot, of course - as long as you want (and can afford it). Once done, you give priority to the other player who can do likewise. Secondly, everyone while get priority at least once before resolving each spell or ability on the stack. Third, if all players pass priority in succession, the next thing on the stack resolves (or the step or phase ends).

That third item is why the first one is important. Let's say we both have River Boas, and I play Tremor. If I'm not doing anything else, I pass priority. If you pass, then we've passed in succession, and the top thing on the stack must resolve (Tremor). Both Boas will be killed because no one has regenerated them. If instead you regenerate your Boa, you have to pass priority back to me before we resolve that regen (and Tremor after more passing). At that point I might realize I forgot to use my Boa, and since I have priority again, I get a shield up in time. Otherwise, there could be times when players stare at each other wondering if the opponent is going to do something even though it seems he or she is already done.

After resolving a spell or ability, the active player gets priority and there's another round of passing before the next thing can resolve.

That's all for this week. The Dissension prerelease is little more that a month away. As always, you can expect plenty of goodies from in the weeks leading up to the prerelease.

Class Dismissed.


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