Vintage and Legacy Forums

Posted in Feature on June 18, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

We sometimes feel bad that we don't talk enough about Vintage and Legacy. We really do care about them, but we don't get enough opportunities to bring them up.

So let's say you love the Eternal formats. Where do you go to get your daily fix? Who will talk to you about the latest news and decks? Well, may we introduce you to a couple of good forums? Yes, we may!

There are two main forums, and conveniently enough, one is focused on Vintage and one is focused on Legacy. That's the kind of good planning you get with the Magic community!

Vintage allows cards from every set (that doesn't have silver borders) in Magic and has a banned list of only twelve cards long. covers this format like a thing that covers another thing very well.

Legacy started life as "Vintage, but with all the restricted cards banned," but it got its own personality when its banned list was disconnected to live on its own. Now it's a thriving format (Grand Prix–Madrid got 2,227 people last February!) and The Source is full of Legacy talk and information.

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