Wallpaper of the Week: B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster)

Posted in Feature on February 6, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

This week's desktop wallpapers are Douglas Shuler's bfm leftbfm right from Unglued. This is a special wallpaper designed for people with 16:9 ratio cinema display monitors, or for those with two side-by-side monitors. Enjoy.

For cinema displays:

1600 pixels wide
1400 pixels wide
1200 pixels wide
  For two monitors (left):

1024x768 pixels
800x600 pixels
For two monitors (right):

1024x768 pixels
800x600 pixels

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Answers to Yesterday's Black Trivia Questions

  • What black card comes first in the alphabet (in English)? - Abandon Hope
  • What black card comes last in the alphabet (in English)? - Zombify
  • What black creature has the highest sum of power/toughness (again, Unglued's B.F.M. aside)? - Devouring Strossus
  • What black card has the highest converted mana cost (outside of Unglued)? - Hypnox
  • What is the most common black creature type? - Zombie, by far, with 97 cards. Horror is next with 42, and in third is Minion with 39. Monoblack legends: 21.
  • What card has the most creature types of any black creature? - Balthor, the Defiled (who is a Zombie Dwarf Legend).
  • What black Wall has the highest sum of power/toughness? - Tie between Wall of Putrid Flesh and Wall of Vipers, which are both 2/4.
  • What monoblack Legend has the highest sum of power/toughness? - Greven Il-Vec.
  • What card is the most-reprinted black creature? - Tie between Bog Wraith and Scathe Zombies, both in 11 sets.
  • What card is the most-reprinted black sorcery? - Raise Dead (12 sets).
  • What card is the most-reprinted black instant? - Depends how you count. If you consider Dark Ritual an instant, which it now is according to its Oracle text, then it is the winner with 13 sets. If you stick to the idea that it's sometimes an Interrupt (like in Beta) and sometimes a Mana Source (like in Fifth Edition), then Terror is the big winner, with 11 sets.
  • What card is the most-reprinted black enchantment? - Pestilence (9 sets including Battle Royale).
  • What card was the first black card banned from Magic tournaments? - Alpha's black ante cards were the first cards banned: Contract from Below, Darkpact, and Demonic Attorney. ("Black Lotus" doesn't count!)
  • What black card generally has the highest value on the secondary market? - Juzam Djinn.
  • What black card has the "blackest" art -- meaning, having the most black filling up the card's illustration frame? - This is a bit of a subjective question, but it's probably either word of command or demonic hordes!

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