Wallpaper of the Week: Stone Rain

Posted in Feature on December 19, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

It's Rerun Week here at magicthegathering.com, and for awhile, we couldn't decide what that meant for Wallpaper of the Week. And then it hit us like a rain of stone: Stone Rain! What card (other than basic land) has been rerun more than Stone Rain? So here's a wallpaper that combines all eleven (!) of the illustrations that have been used. Enjoy the work of Daniel Gelon (Alpha through Fourth Edition), Tony Roberts (Fifth Edition), John Matson (Classic Sixth Edition, Eighth Edition, Ninth Edition, Portal, Starter 1999, and Starter 2000), Tony Szczudlo (Seventh Edition), Kaja Foglio (Ice Age), Tony Roberts again (Mirage), Ben Thompson (Mercadian Masques), Greg Staples (Champions of Kamigawa), Doug Chaffee (Portal Second Age), and Mitsuaki Sagiri (Portal Three Kingdoms). Whew!

Also, we're trying something new: instead of offering several different sizes of images that are all the same dimensions, we're just going to give you an enormous "Standard" wallpaper, an enormous "Widescreen" wallpaper, and an "iPhone-sized" iPhone wallpaper. Enjoy!

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