Wallpapers of Wonder

Posted in Feature on April 5, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

By popular demand...

Wallpapers of Wonder

Welcome to "Wallpapers of Wonder," a magicthegathering.com feature where YOU select Magic card art to be made into desktop wallpapers by Wizards of the Coast's in-house graphic art staff.

Seen the Wallpaper of the Week archive? Sad that your favorite card has never been turned into a delicious desktop wallpaper? Now you can nominate and vote for sixteen cards to become Wallpapers of the Week! The first stage is nomination of cards on the Magic message boards.

The rules for the nomination stage of "Wallpapers of Wonder":
  • There are eight threads for nominations -- one for white cards, one for blue, one for black, one for red, one for green, one for artifacts, one for lands, and one for multicolor/gold cards. Please post nominations to the appropriate thread. The five mono-color threads should not contain multicolor nominations.

  • You may post up to two card names per thread -- meaning you can nominate your two favorite white cards and your two favorite blue cards, etc. Please do not nominate more than two cards per thread.

  • Once all nominations are counted, the ten most-nominated cards of each color will be entered into a runoff vote, also held on the message boards, sometime next week. The two most popular cards of each color, as determined by the runoff vote (not by number of nominations), will be turned into future Wallpapers of the Week.

  • Feel free to argue for your choices as you nominate cards. Explain why you like the pieces you nominate. Each card will need multiple nominations in order to make it to the runoff vote round, so be persuasive!

  • In your post, please use the [card][/card] tag so other people can see the art you're nominating. Example: "I nominate [card]Mungha Wurm[/card]!"

  • Be sure not to nominate cards that have already become wallpapers -- check the archive!

  • Nominations end next Monday, April 12th, at high noon Pacific time.

Nominations are being counted now! -- 12 Apr 2004

The nomination threads:

White cards Blue cards
Black cards Red cards
Green cards Artifact cards
Land cards Multicolor/gold cards

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