This Week in Magic History: February 21-27

Posted in Feature on February 27, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

February 21-27: Eleven Grand Prix Events!

This was a great week to have a Grand Prix, with eleven events in the last ten years. Let's count them down!

February 26-27: 2000 Grand Prix–Cannes: Team Black Ops (Florent Jeudon, Antoine Ruel, and Olivier Ruel) defeats Team New Wave (Thomas Preyer, Alex Shvartsman, and Bram Snepvangers)

February 24-25: 2001 Grand Prix–Boston: Tom Swan defeats Scott Johns

February 24-25: 2001 Grand Prix–Cologne: Jim Herold defeats Antoine Ruel

February 23-24: 2002 Grand Prix–Tampa: Sol Malka defeats Jeff Cunningham

February 22-23: 2003 Grand Prix–Boston: Brian Kibler defeats Matthew Cory

February 22-23: 2003 Grand Prix–Sevilla: Anton Jonsson defeats Carlos Romão

February 21-22: 2004 Grand Prix–Madrid: Kai Budde defeats Bernardo Da Costa Cabral

February 26-27: 2005 Grand Prix–Eindhoven: Sebastien Roux defeats Rogier Maaten

February 24-25: 2007 Grand Prix–Dallas: Raphael Levy defeats Paul Cheon

February 23-24: 2008 Grand Prix–Vancouver: Paul Cheon defeats Ben Lundquist

February 21-22: 2009 Grand Prix–Rotterdam: Arjan van Leeuwen defeats Robert van Medevoort

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