This Week in Magic History: January 17-23

Posted in Feature on January 23, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

January 19, 2003: Kai Budde wins his sixth Pro Tour

The format for 2003 Pro Tour–Chicago was Onslaught Rochester draft, and the Top 8 was stacked. Kai had to personally defeat William Jensen, Jon Finkel and Nicolai Herzog for the win, while standouts Eugene Harvey and Bram Snepvangers were taken care of on the other side of the bracket.

Going in to the event, Kai felt that Onslaught Rochester was too random, saying "If you are at a table with 7 other competent players, it just comes down to choosing of colors and then distributing the cards. Nobody hate-drafts until they have enough cards for their own deck, and that's it." The talent at the top of the Pro Tour suggested otherwise!

Also This Week

  • January 18, 2004: A year after coming second to Kai in Chicago, Nicolai Herzog gets his second Pro Tour win at Pro Tour–Amsterdam, defeating Farid Meraghni, Olivier Ruel, and Osamu Fujita in the Top 8.
  • January 20, 2007: The color pie goes haywire at the Planar Chaos Prerelease.

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