This Week in Magic History: May 16-22

Posted in Feature on May 22, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

May 14-16, 2004: Nicolai Herzog is on a roll in San Diego!

Coming off a victory at the start of the year at Amsterdam's Rochester Pro Tour, Nicolai Herzog was favored to do well in this event. All weekend he showed the skills that got him the Amsterdam title, and it was no surprise to see him sitting down at Sunday's draft. In fact, half the Top 8 were repeat performers from that Pro Tour and all of them made Top 4 or better. There was Mike Turian (playing his last event before joining Wizards of the Coast R&D), Anton Jonsson, and instead of Olivier Ruel (who finished 14th), his brother Antoine. Rounding out the table were amateur Angel Luis Perez Del Pozo, Rookie of the Year Masashi Ooiso, Player of the Year contender Ben Stark, and up-and-comer Mark Herberholz.

With this win, Herzog got way out in front of the Player of the Year Race (although he would eventually relinquish his lead to Gabriel Nassif), in addition to the staggering accomplishment of back-to-back Limited Pro Tour wins. Congratulations to Nicolai Herzog, Pro Tour–San Diego Champion!

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