This Week in Magic History: Oct 17-23

Posted in Feature on October 23, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

October 20-22, 2006: Jan-Moritz Merkel Wins Pro Tour–Kobe

In the world of Time Spiral draft, Jan-Moritz Merkel proved himself the king. Drafting a blue-green creature-heavy deck with strong morph undertones, Merkel faced Willy Edel's army of saprolings in the Kobe finals. Merkel captured victory by morphing his Brine Elemental after Edel's miscalculated alpha strike. That locked Edel's defenses and the pseudo-Time Walk allowed Merkel's Errant Ephemeron to strike twice to seal the win.

top 8 bracket


Tomoharu Saito

Jan-Moritz Merkel

Kenji Tsumura

Bastien Perez

Takahiro Suzuki

Willy Edel

Thomas Didierjean

Bram Snepvangers


Jan-Moritz Merkel, 3-2

Bastien Perez, 3-1

Willy Edel, 3-2

Thomas Didierjean, 3-2


Jan-Moritz Merkel, 3-1

Willy Edel, 3-1


Jan-Moritz Merkel, 3-1

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