This Week in Magic History: Oct 31-Nov 6

Posted in Feature on November 6, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

October 31-November 2, 2003: Rickard Österberg is the Pro Tour–New Orleans Champion

Armed with the mighty Punisher concoction "George W. Bosh", a Tinker deck that exploits the power of Goblin Welder, Rickard Österberg sailed over a sea of mono-blue Tinker decks, Gob-Vantage, and Severance/Charbelcher in New Orleans.

Bosh, Iron Golem
Chalice of the Void

In the quarters he faced Eugene Harvey, piloting the CMU-TOGIT "So Big Tinks". Chalice of the Void had been hosing people all weekend, and it continued to work its magic against Österberg. They went the full five games, with Österberg killing Harvey with a hasty Platinum Angel. Harvey's Upheaval was useless. In the semis, he showed his deck's power against Yann Hamon and the french Severance/Charbelcher deck "The Clock". It was a slaughter in three games.

Mana Severance
Goblin Charbelcher

On the other side of the bracket, Tomohiro Yokosuka's Psychatog deck couldn't handle Nassif's Clock, and Nassif swept. Masashi Oiso kept hope alive for Japan, defeating Hans Joachim Höh in four. He then took on Nassif, and it all came down to one Brainstorm. Nassif's deck served up Tinker he needed, and advanced to the finals.

The finals were another tight contest, but the star of the weekend, Mindslaver, was not to be denied. Nassif conceded before Österberg could steal his third consecutive turn. Congratulations to Rickard Österberg, Pro Tour - New Orleans Champion!

top 8 bracket


Hans Joachim Höh

Masashi Oiso

Gabriel Nassif

Tomohiro Yokosuka

Yann Hamon

Nicolas Labarre

Eugene Harvey

Rickard Österberg


Masashi Oiso, 3-1

Gabriel Nassif, 3-0

Yann Hamon, Forfeit

Rickard Österberg, 3-2


Gabriel Nassif, 3-2

Rickard Österberg, 3-0


Rickard Österberg, 3-2

Pro Tour New Orleans: George W. Bosh

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