This Week in Magic History: Sep 19-25

Posted in Feature on September 25, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

September 19-25: Prerelease Week!

We're not saying this just to encourage you to go to the Zendikar prerelease (although it is this weekend, you know). But just look at how many prereleases have taken place over this weekend in September!

September 21, 1996: Mirage Prerelease

September 25, 1999: Mercadian Masques Prerelease

September 23, 2000: Invasion Prerelease

September 22, 2001: Odyssey Prerelease

September 20, 2003: Mirrodin Prerelease

September 19, 2004: Champions of Kamigawa Prerelease

September 24, 2005: Ravnica: City of Guilds Prerelease

September 23, 2006: Time Spiral Prerelease

So this is essentially the week where a huge chunk of Magic was seen for the first time. Surely you can forgive us for mentioning the Zendikar Prerelease this weekend just one more time?

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