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By Wizards of the Coast

Voice of Soul: 1 Bye
A) Douyama Tsuyoshi: 2000 National Champ
B) Komiya Tadayoshi: Former National Champion ,GP Taipei
C) Higaki Takao: Good Player from Hiroshima

Panzer Hunters JO: 2 Byes
A) Ando Reiji: 1999 Apac Top8,Masters Tokyo Finalist
B) Ishida Itaru:Former National Team Member, First real-pro-player in Japan, leader of the Panzer Hunters of Masters Tokyo
C) Okamoto Jin :Good player from Nagoya

Fire Beat (from the Name of two shops, "Off Beat" and "Fireball"): 1 Bye
A) Ikeda Tsuyoshi:2000 National Team Member , Owner of shop Fireball
B) Tsukamoto Toshiki: "Japanese Legend",two-time former National Champion,Owner of shop Off Beat,Invitational Player
C) Jun Nobushita: Good Player from Gifu; second place with Team Masato Club in GP Nagoya,

www.alphabetaunlimited.com: 2 Byes
A) Benafel Chris: Grand Prix Amsterdam Champion, Grand Prix Dallas Finalist
B) Fuller Ryan: Grand Prix Moscow Champion, Grand Prix Prague Champion
C) Williams David: Top 4 with Team Godzilla in Grand Prix Nagoya, Top 4 with Team Tightans in Grand Prix Cannes, Top 4 Grand Prix Porto

Loafing Giants: 2 Byes
A) Pustilnik Michael: 2001 Pro Tour Los Angeles Champion, second place in Player of the Year race
B) Dougherty Robert: Pro Tour Washington DC Winner (with Team Your Move Games)
C) Shvartsman Alex: Grand Prix Nagoya Champion (with team New Wave), Grand Prix Tours Champion

Unluckey's (Top 4 in GP Nagoya): 2 Byes
A) Fujita Osamu: 1999 APAC Finalist
B) Hidaka Ayumi: Top 32 of PT London
C) Nagaoka Takayuki: Good player from Kyoto

Excutioners (5th in GP Nagoya): 2 Byes
A) Fujita Kenichi: 1998 GP Taipei Champion, GP Tokyo Champion, former National team member
B) Nakamura Satoshi: GP Sapporo Champion, 1998 APAC Champion, "Hatman", Top 16 at PT LA2001, Invitational Player
C) Maki Koichiro: 2000 APAC Top 8,Invitational Player

Dekiru-Kana?: 2 Byes
A) Higashino Masayuki: 1999 National champion, GP Tohoku Winner, GP Hiroshima Winner
B) Nakamura Hirobumi: Top 8 at GP Kyoto
C) Tsuyoshi Fujita :GP Kyoto Champion,Pro Tour Tokyo Finalist, Former National team member

Magic Sqiuare (Name from Website www.magic-square.net): 2 Byes
A) Mori Katsuhiro: 2nd at Rookie Standing this year, GP Sapporo Top 8, GP Kyoto Top 8, GP Hiroshima Top 8, 2000 Japan Nationals Top 8
B) Mori Masaya: Two-time Apac Champion, Top 16 at PT Chicago 1999, GP Hiroshima Finalist
C) Sano Fumihiko: GP Kyushu Top 4

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