Why Did You Play This Deck?

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Adrian Sullivan

I spent a few moments in the minutes before the beginning of the Standard portion of U.S. Nationals to ask a few people just that question.

The Jumble's Donnie Gallitz playing Vampiric Tutor based Control Black
"At 4-2, I wanted a deck that would pull off some ridiculous early draws. And in playtesting I haven't drawn Ritual/Negator, so I'm due. I think Vampiric Tutor is better than it has ever been before. I like having a little something for everybody."

Pro-Tour Chicago Finalist Brian Davis playing Seth Burn Red
"I feel really underprepared for Nationals [because of his recent surgery], so I want to get lucky. I'm playing Seth Burn's deck. I've been bedside for two weeks. I brought Trinity Green, but I don't think I can go 6-0 with it."

Neutral Grounder Donald Lim playing Replenish
"I'm comfortable with it. I'm really comfortable with it, and I like my new sideboard a lot. I think it can get me my best winning record. I'm out of the running for Top 8, but if I do well enough, I can get an invitation to Chicago on rating."

New CMU member Mike Turian playing Angry Hermit
"It beats everything. It was hurt by the recent shifts towards black, so we moved Blastoderm in. The deck is great against white weenie and green weenie, and all of the metagame decks. Aaron Forsythe did really well with it at our Regionals, and we've been playing it a long time."

YMG's Justin Gary playing Replenish
"I'm playing it because it was what I was ready with four weeks ago. I've made some changes, but the deck is just so powerful. I know the deck, and I play it well."

Grand Prix San Diego Champion William Jensen playing Stompy
"Because I'm 3-3, if I'm going to go 6-0, I need to get lucky. This deck is fun and it comes recommended by the King of Beatdown [David Price]!"

Neutral Grounder Mike Pustilnik playing Sabre Bargain
"I'm 4-2 and it's the deck I know best. I tried Trinity and I never drew an Elf, a Bird, or a Roffelos. I just drew 5-casts. I expect a lot of Red and Green, and these decks might think they beat Bargain. They don't. My plan is simple: It's turn 3. Nice Game.

Player of the Year leader and YMG member Darwin Kastle playing YMG Black, another Vampiric Tutor Control Black deck.
"We had three decks: Replenish, Rebels, and Black. Our Rebel deck was beating all of our other decks, but we found that Trinity crushed it. My black deck is great against Trinity."

Zvi Mowshowitz of the Mogg Squad playing Replenish
"I think in terms of deck quality, it is on par with Trinity. Theres a gigantic movement towards Red to deal with Trinity, and COP Red is really good against them. We're planning on sideboarding Rings versus Flores'."

Mike Flores playing Flores Black, a Vampiric Tutor based Control Black
"Why am I playing it? Because it's by far the best deck in the environment."

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