Wild Ones

Posted in Feature on July 9, 2012

By Conley Woods

There are a lot of things you can learn from a decklist. Most people just want to know if it wins or not, and then they judge the deck as good or bad based on that answer. However, sometimes it isn't about the winning at all. Sometimes a decklist is good because it has an idea in it. An idea that could potentially flourish into a tournament-winning strategy. Thousands of players play the best deck in order to fine-tune it to an agreed-upon list. Rogue decks have the spark, the idea, but usually not the nurturing.

Christopher Morris-Lent decided that was enough for him, though, as he put together the following spicy little poison deck. Christopher's plan is to deploy a 1/1 infect creature of some sort. Blighted Agent and Inkmoth Nexus both inherently have evasion, so they are the most popular choices, but Glistener Elf does come down a full turn earlier. At this point, once the creature has stuck, Christopher has two goals in mind: protect the poisoner and count to 10.

Wild Defiance adds a Giant Growth onto almost every spell in Christopher's deck, allowing him to protect his Blighted Agent with something like Apostle's Blessing and still get in extra damage as a result. Some Equipment help turn those bonuses into a permanent thing and Livewire Lash even turns those spells into removal, should you need it. Gitaxian Probe and Spellskite are additional protection, helping you make sure the coast is clear before moving in for the kill. And the best part about all of this? The deck is budget! Most of the cards in here are commons or easily acquired rares you can pick up on Magic Online or at your local game store. So go ahead and try this out! Everything starts with an idea, right?

Christopher Morris-Lent's Budget Poison

Download Arena Decklist

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