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Posted in Feature on January 3, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

What's your favorite archetype in Innistrad Limited?

Gavin Verhey: Innistrad limited is one of the most fun draft formats in a long time, and that's partially due to how many options you have while drafting! Practically every two-color combination is playable, and on top of that, several cards create build-around-me archetypes, like Burning Vengeance. And of course, let's not forget my absolute number one favorite archetype: double Bloodline Keeper.

But if I had to nail down any one realistic archetype I preferred more than another, I'd say Blue-Black Zombie Control. In a graveyard-based set, there's something just beautiful about milling yourself to find flashback spells, help cast oversized creatures, and load up your graveyard with targets for your Ghoulraiser. When it's going, the deck just seamlessly works together. Casting Armored Skaab becomes its own art form.

I always like to stay open, but fortunately blue-black lets me start out by taking cards I like anyway. Dead Weight, Grasp of Phantoms, Murder of Crows, Liliana of the Veil— whatever you're fortunate to open, really. Assuming I end up with a couple blue or black goodies early, I'll lap up any Armored Skaabs, Stitched Drakes, Think Twices, Screeching Bats, or anything else that fits the plan of turtling up on the ground and gaining card advantage before killing them in the air.

Grasp of Phantoms
Stitched Drake

Hopefully, the second pack rewards you with a steady flow of cards from your left. Some of the cards this archetype really wants are lower picks in other archetypes, and you often end up with some juicy cards passed to you through pick seven or eight. If everything goes reasonably well, you'll be able to fill any holes and round out your deck in the third pack.

Play carefully and conservatively and don't be afraid to go aggressive when necessary and you'll find yourself soaring to victory. Have fun drafting blue-black!

What's your favorite archetype in Innistrad Limited? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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