Wizards Asks: 01/13/2009

Posted in Feature on January 13, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Have you ever spotted a sleeper card ahead of the crowd?

Tom LaPille:

Yes, and that discovery is probably responsible for getting me here!


My first non-FNM Constructed tournament ever was the 2002 Amateur Championships at Origins the first weekend that Judgment was legal for tournament play. I had already built a copy of the "Deep Dog" blue-green madness deck that had done well at U.S. Nationals that year. Quiet Speculation was an obviously splashy card to add to the deck, but I also decided to try a goofy little card called Wonder.

I identified pretty quickly that playing Quiet Speculation early in the game was just way worse than a madness outlet like Wild Mongrel, Aquamoeba, or Merfolk Looter, so I cut it. However, I also discovered that Wonder was a superstar. It let me fly over all my opponent's creatures when they didn't fly, let me surprise their flyers by discarding it after they were attacking, and proved by far the most important card in the mirror match. Odyssey Block Constructed blue-green mirror matches eventually revolved almost entirely around finding Wonder, so you can imagine how awesome this was for me when I expected about a fourth of the room to be playing Island and Wild Mongrel.

I showed up to the tournament with all four Wonder in my deck. I was also experiencing a serious amount of the normal kind of wonder at the time given that there were over 300 players in the room and it was my first tournament ever with more than 100 players. However, my deck was pretty good and my physical Wonder gave me an enormous advantage over everyone else who was playing the same deck as me, and I cruised fairly easily to the Top 8. That experience was so awesome that I kept playing Magic, kept traveling further and further to tournaments, and eventually ended up moving to Seattle to make Magic.

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