Wizards Asks: 01/20/2009

Posted in Feature on January 20, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Sometimes you need to draw the perfect card. What's the best topdeck you've ever made?

Matt Place: My favorite topdeck of all time was way way back in 1995. I was in a tournament at my school, University of Missouri–Rolla. This tournament was a very big deal to me because Zak Dolan, our first Magic World Champion, was in the tournament. Zak lost in the Semifinals and I was now in the Finals facing the guy who just beat the world champ. I really wanted to win this.

Chaos Orb

Late in the final game I had The Abyss and some Counterspells, but my opponent had just attacked me down from 14 to 8 with three Mishra's Factories. I was losing badly. The cards I had left in my deck that could kill Mishra's Factory were Nevinyrral's Disk, Lightning Bolt, and Strip Mine. None of these helped much—Disk was too slow since it comes into play tapped, and Lightning Bolt and Strip Mine only dealt with one of the three threats.

The one other card I had that could kill a Mishra's Factory was Chaos Orb, which I, of course, drew that very next turn. I played it instantly—I didn't want to give my opponent any chance to move his Mishra's Factories any further apart (the rules back then said that once someone announces Chaos Orb you can not move any of your cards). It didn't look like I could hit all three Mishra's, they were fairly far apart, but my only chance was to try.

I activated the Orb and dropped it, and it fell in the one perfect spot where it barely touched all three. The thirty or so people watching the game erupted and I felt great, especially since I knew the Magic World Champ was one of them!

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