Wizards Asks: 06/22/2010

Posted in Feature on June 22, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Who's your Magic archenemy?

Kelly Digges: Superman has Lex Luthor. Mark Rosewater has Mark Gottlieb. I, through no fault of his, have judge, pro player, and coverage writer Rashad Miller.

Now, don't get me wrong. Rashad's a great guy, and I've got nothing against him personally. Nor is he that one person I can't ever manage to beat—I think that honor goes to Magic R&D member and former pro Mike Turian (though I've beaten some other Pro Tour winners around the office). So what do I have against Rashad?

Let me set the scene for you. It's 2004. I'm playing against Rashad, who I've never met before, in a Champions of Kamigawa Sealed Deck Pro Tour Qualifier. We're in Game 3, and things are going pretty well ... until he drops the infamous Meloku the Clouded Mirror.

But all is not lost. I've got a Kami of the Painted Road that can gain protection from most (but not all) of his blockers thanks to a Spirit I'm sandbagging, and I've got a plan—I forget the details—that can protect me from some damage so I can probably win on my next turn. I draw my card for the turn. It's some random cheap Spirit that doesn't help right now, so I enact my brilliant plan (whatever it was), and stay alive, with Rashad at a precarious 2 life.

Then he makes a million Illusions at my end of turn, untaps, and kills me. Guess I didn't do the math.

Meloku the Clouded Mirror
Kami of the Painted Road

After the game, my friend Chris, who's been watching over my shoulder, points out that with the Spirit I was holding and the one I drew, I could have given Kami of the Painted Road protection from both of Rashad's colors and swung for the win instead. How could I have missed that? Rashad ... Rashad must have Jedi mind-tricked me. It's the only explanation!

I went on to scrub out the PTQ at 0-2, my shot at Pro Tour glory savagely blocked by Mr. Miller. Some might point out that the loss was completely my own fault, or that my record at other PTQs suggests that my chances of Pro Tour glory were somewhere south of a Goblin Snowman's chance in Hellfire. Nonsense! If it weren't for Rashad Miller, I'd be a Pro Tour–winning millionaire. Obviously.

Years later, I met Rashad working on coverage and discovered that this was one of those awkward one-sided archenemyships, like when my high school figured out that our hated cross-state academic rivals had never actually heard of us. He didn't even remember beating me!

Oh, but I showed him. I beat him in a draft ... once. I think. Revenge!

(Outside of Magic, incidentally, my archenemy is Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell, for convincing my entire generation that Kelly is a girl's name.)

Who's your Magic archenemy? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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