Wizards Asks: 06/29/2010

Posted in Feature on June 29, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

What's your favorite place you've ever played Magic?

Zac Hill: My favorite place I've ever played Magic was definitely Friends! Thai restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Located directly beneath the ManaWerx card shop (and, like every other restaurant in the Kuala Lumpur vicinity, open late) Friends! was always good for cold Tiger beer, delicious yellow curry, and ample space to draft and playtest. While it's a little lacking in the arena of creative nomenclature, it more than makes up for its branding deficiencies with six-ringgit satay specials and a fiery, memorable tum yam.

At least one of Nazri "Tech" Ishak, Riz Hamzah, or Rajesh "The Glue" Ganesan could always be found in the shadows of the restaurant's massive fake ferns concocting business ventures or watching Premier League football. Meanwhile, "Tan Sri" Jia Lang or Arif "The Heartthrob" Kamaruddin would be spinning yarns or slinging spells. And your not-so-humble author, when managing not to tilt over yet another loss to Wild Nacatl plus Lightning Talons, could sit back and chatter like a squirrel.

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