Wizards Asks: 07/13/2010

Posted in Feature on July 13, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

What's your best story from the M11 Prerelease?

Kelly Digges: I played a bunch of great games with great people at the Magic 2011 Prerelease this past weekend, despite being able to stick around for just a few short hours. I had to burn a staggering four cards dealing with one Baneslayer AngelAugury Owl, Thunder Strike, Fling, and Berserkers of Blood Ridgeand then came back and won, thanks in part to the brutal might of Inferno Titan. I also had a Fling get Negated in another game, which was hilarious in that horrible sort of way.

Easily my most epic game, though, was against someone whose name I'm afraid I've forgotten—I don't take notes like I did during my columnist days—who looked to have an early jump on me with Prodigal Pyromancer staring down my Augury Owl and freshly cast Goblin Piker. I went ahead and cast another Augury Owl, pretty confident that the Piker would die first. That second Owl set me up beautifully for my elbow-drop: a turn-six Inferno Titan, taking out the Pyromancer and a Wild Griffin that had joined the opposing side in the interim. Not to be outdone, my opponent tapped six lands of his own and cast Sun Titan, pulling Prodigal Pyromancer right back out of the graveyard. Well then!

Inferno Titan
Sun Titan

I swung in on my turn, killing the Pyromancer again and a second Wild Griffin, offering the Titan-trade (I was Owled up and humming on all cylinders now, and had more fat in hand). My opponent declined, and took 7 to the face. But his next attack, which I blocked with a hearty new Earth Servant, let him get both Wild Griffins on the table at once. That meant my next Inferno Titan attack could only kill one of them, which let him block and Chandra's Outrage my Titan to kill it. I wasn't too worried, though, because I got to pull a similar trick on my next turn, blocking Sun Titan with Earth Servant and Lightning Bolting it. So no Titans for anyone then! His Pacifism KO'd my Earth Servant, and a Pyroclasm from me finished the slaughter, wiping out the Wild Griffins that had now at last made their final trip out of the graveyard. Now, with both of us below 10, it was a tense topdeck war ...

Grave Titan

... that ended, unexpectedly and with grim finality, when my opponent cast Grave Titan. Three colors, two Titans? Yeah, I'll give you that one!

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