Wizards Asks: 10/25/2010

Posted in Feature on October 26, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

What's your favorite instant in Magic, and why?

Tom Lapille: My favorite instant in Magic is Mystical Teachings. Time Spiral Block Constructed is my favorite Block format that I played when I was playing in the real world, and the deck that Mystical Teachings enabled is one of my favorite decks I've ever played. Having all the right answers, winning long games by grinding out marginal advantages, and playing control decks are among the things in Magic that make me feel the smartest, and I like feeling smart a lot, and the Mystical Teachings deck had all those things in some of the highest quantities I'd ever seen.

Mystical Teachings

I also have good memories of the Pro Tour Qualifier I won for Pro Tour–Valencia with the deck. The version I had at that time was one that I had gotten from Gerry Thompson. I don't remember all the details, but it looked a lot like this:

Tom LaPille's Teachings Control

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That tournament was a nearly perfect day. There were only 63 players in the tournament due to Nationals happening the same weekend. I was one of the strongest players in the room, I had an awesome deck, I played well, and I didn't lose a match. The sideboard is a guess, as my actual deck list has been lost to time, but it's not often you get to play 35 mana sources with a straight face and win. This deck was totally sweet, and without Mystical Teachings it never would have happened.

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