Wizards Asks: 11/11/2008

Posted in Feature on November 11, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

What's your best Magic coin flip story?

Kelly Digges

Kelly Digges: This is a story that some may have heard when I told it on another site a few years back, but it’s far and away my best coin flip story.

The scene is the 2004 Two-Headed Giant Illinois State Championships, the first round. My teammate David and I will go on to make Top 4 and lose in the semifinals, but first we have to get through seventeen Pegasus tokens that our opponents acquired courtesy of a timely Storm Herd. I control Agent of Masks, which is doubly good in Two-Headed Giant, but David and I are running out of options.

David's been holding a Stitch in Time since turn three, and I've been advising him to hold off on it until we can make better use of any hypothetical extra turn. Staring down seventeen Pegasi, I'm starting to feel like a gambling man, but we decide that at 29 life, we can afford to take one hit from their air force. This also saves his Master Warcraft, which I'm inclined to use at this point, for something worthier than an expensive Fog.

We take our one hit, go to 12, and play Stitch in Time, hearts in our throats. Our opponents call heads, and it's... tails! The more seasoned of the two shakes his head in disgust as we untap for our extra turn, beaning them for another 2 with Agent of Masks... and David has the unmitigated gall to draw Izzet Chronarch. There's only one Chronarch target in the graveyard: Stitch in Time.

Izzet Chronarch
Stitch in Time

"Do we dare?" I wonder aloud, to which David replies, "I think we do."

David plays the newly returned Stitch in Time. They call heads, and it's... tails! I sense that disgust has given way to actual loathing on the other side of the table. We untap again, Agent of Masks hits them for 2 again... and David flashes Master Warcraft with what is now, thanks to the efforts of the Agent, lethal damage on the table. Our opponents pack up angrily, grumbling about hating "losing that way."

You've got to get lucky with coin flips, but you can't get lucky if you never take the chance!

What's your best Magic coin flip story? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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