Wizards Asks: 12/02/2008

Posted in Feature on December 2, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Of all the decks you've ever played, which one was your favorite?

Aaron Forsythe

Aaron Forsythe: I have a lot of favorites, as I really enjoy deck-building. It's the heart and soul of the game as far as I'm concerned. My attitude regarding Constructed tournaments was that, regardless of how good I was compared to the field, odds were against me winning it all, so I'd better have some backup plan for enjoying myself. And that plan always involved playing decks I considered fun—decks that would be enjoyable to play in a Top 8, a side event, or between rounds. Often these were decks I made myself or with friends, but sometimes they'd be decks that friends of mine had made. Rarely would I play a netdeck, for two reasons: I love investing myself in the deck I play, and I love invalidating as much of my opponents' testing as possible. Did that mean I won a lot? Not really, but I won my fair share, and I am certainly in the all-time leaders in fun had.

Song of Blood

Anyway, as to the decks themselves ... I obviously very much enjoyed the green-red land destruction deck ("Angry Hermit") I used at Regionals, Nationals, and Worlds in 2000. Mike Turian and I made a five-color Extended Survival of the Fittest deck with a heavy suite of counterspells (we called it "Rickety Town") that I played in a few PTQs in 1999, and it was a blast as well. Since I've started working here, my favorite gunslinging deck was a flashy Ravnica / Kamigawa Standard deck based around recurring Warp World, slowly killing the opponent on each iteration with a Galvanic Arc or Sparkmage Apprentice (with a Kumano, Master Yamabushi floating around to turn 40+ floating mana into a kill should he show up at the right time). But the deck I made that I enjoyed the most and kept coming back to was a Mirage / Tempest Standard deck (that I also ported into Extended and "Type 1.5," that era's equivalent of Legacy) that used Song of Blood as its big kill spell. The deck list was something along the lines of 4 Song of Blood, 4 Incinerate / Lightning Bolt / Cursed Scroll, 20 land, 32 creatures. The deck was a total riot!

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