Wizards Asks: 1/5/2010

Posted in Feature on January 12, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

What's your favorite way to win a game of Magic?

Zac Hill

Zac Hill: I like to build an aggro deck with ridiculous range. Some people like to just kill the opponent quickly and not ask too many questions, but I like games where I don't just die immediately if my opponent can stabilize.

Beacon of Destruction

My favorite deck I've played in a tournament was Adrian Sullivan's Johnny Walker Red in Worlds 2007, because you were a mono-red deck with 32 mana sources. Frequently you'd beat people by just throwing Beacon of Destruction at their face four times—although the single greatest moment was playing turn-four Hostility, turn-five Molten Disaster as my only two non-mana-producing spells for exactly lethal against Shuhei Nakamura.

Molten Disaster

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