Wizards Asks: 3/10/2009

Posted in Feature on March 10, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Are you primarily a Timmy, a Johnny, or a Spike?

Dave Guskin: I began my Magic life definitively and unabashedly a Johnny. Nothing was better than putting Instill Energy on a Birds of Paradise to pay for Stasis, or finding new ways to abuse Power Artifact in my local playgroup. When I build a deck, I have in my head this perfect impossible contraption, with this infinite engine, connecting to that crazy win condition and maybe a splash of tutoring and Wishing to bring it all together.

Instill Energy
Birds of Paradise

My imagination has recently been captured by an EDH deck concept where every part of the deck contributes to a crazy infinite combo of some sort. Hopefully I can fit eight or nine of them into the deck. My gut tells me the deck won't be very good, and I'll combo off maybe once in ten or twenty times, but that one time will be SPECTACULAR!

Since getting back into Magic, before and up through coming to work at Wizards, I have become a hybridization of Johnny/Timmy. I love to generate crazy situations while playing the game, and I don't usually care what happens afterward—win or lose—as long as everyone has a good laugh! A great device for this, I found, was my friend Sam's Big Box draft, where he's placed one of every card ever printed in a Big Box, and we draft a random piece of it as one normally drafts. The format tests deck-building skills, forcing one to look for synergies among the best and worst cards ever printed, but it also brings out some surprising and wonderful combinations of cards in play that we would never have expected.

One piece of advice from a Johnny/Timmy: never dismiss a card outright until you see it in play. Often, even the absolute worst seeming cards will end up exciting!

Are you primarily a Timmy, a Johnny, or a Spike? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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