Wizards Asks: 4/20/2010

Posted in Feature on April 20, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

What's the funniest way you've heard of someone getting into Magic?

Mike Turian: I asked most people I played against at the Rise of the Eldrazi Prerelease how they started playing Magic. The thing that struck me was how I never got the same answer twice.

The coolest story I came across was from someone who told me that he had only been playing for a few months. He was in middle school when he started playing. He discovered Magic after his mom dropped him off at the convention center for an event. She had given him $20 dollars to enter the event. Unfortunately for him, that event wasn't going on that day. Fortunately for him, a Magic event was. The player quickly realized that if he went back to his mom without having played he would have to give back the $20 dollars, so instead he joined the Magic tournament and learned how to play Magic.

What's the funniest way you've heard of someone getting into Magic? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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