Wizards Asks: 5/12/2009

Posted in Feature on May 12, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

What was the best local Magic store you've ever frequented, and why?

Mike Turian

Mike Turian: The best Magic store I have frequented would be Legends Sports Cards & Collectibles in Mt. Lebanon, PA. I bought my first pack of Magic there back in 1994. At first it was a thin shop. There was so little space that the owner, Juan, would allow us to play on top of his display cases. A fan was always running during the summer, which made the Chaos Orb toss that much more challenging. Eventually, Juan's store was successful enough that he moved into a nicer location in the same town.

The new store featured the basement where I learned how to draft. We would only draft two packs of Magic, but we still built 40-card decks. I attribute those drafts with developing my draft-reading skills. You can't waste picks in a two-pack draft. The basement had a Black Knight pinball machine which would sing the "Black Knight" song in an effort to relieve you of your quarters.

Juan always treated the customers with respect, sold sodas cheap, kept long hours, and ran great tournaments. He had a fun personality that always kept me on my toes. My friend Evan and I would often go to conventions in the Pittsburgh area. At one convention, Juan snuck up behind us put his hands firmly on our shoulders and said, "Son, I caught you stealing cards." It gave Evan and me such a fright—I'm glad he wasn't serious! We all got a good laugh from that stunt.

Since running Legends, Juan retired to a farm in southern Pennsylvania. I've appreciated what doors Juan opened for me ever since I bought that first pack of cards so long ago.

What was the best local Magic store you've ever frequented, and why? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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