Wizards Asks: 5/5/2009

Posted in Feature on May 5, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

What's the most unique deck you've ever built?

Ken Nagle

Ken Nagle:

Well, I recently turned heads with my newest EDH deck that maximizes a strange variable that only game designers pay attention to:

Fusion Elemental

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This deck has a theme. Try to guess!

I built this deck after watching Adriana Moscatelli, Lead User Interface Designer here at Wizards of the Coast and novice Magic player, read all her new Magic cards, sort them into piles based on whether she liked the card or not, then build a 40-card deck using the better part of an hour. Reading "Magicese" involves more than just reading English sentences; you must know the meaning of "upkeep," "sacrifice," "converted mana cost," "trample," and other words that compose the programming language that is Magic card templating.

Figured my deck out yet? Here's the theme:

Every single card in my deck has no rules text. Technically, they have "no Oracle rules text," which allows Tundra and friends. Using Fusion Elemental as my General is technically incorrect, but rule-bending is an integral part of casual since no one minds. It also helps that a Free-For-All format like Elder Dragon Highlander naturally rebalances itself no matter the power level of the decks at the table.

Giant Octopus
Canyon Minotaur

An interesting question inside Magic R&D is, "What is the simplest possible Magic card?" Not all of us agree. It's revealing what you can learn about a game when you distill it down below its bare essentials.

What's the most unique deck you've ever built? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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