Wizards Asks: 6/23/2009

Posted in Feature on June 23, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

What's the most you've ever mulliganed and still won? How did you do it?

Kelly Digges: I once mulliganed to four in the first game of a match and went on to win not only the match, but that same game.

The scene is Grand Prix–Richmond, Ravnica / Guildpact Sealed deck, round 1—my first, and second to last, Grand Prix event as a player. My first match didn't actually start off with a mulligan—worse, actually. It started with a game loss for a deck registration error involving an Elvish Skysweeper. And then I mulliganed to four.

I don't remember exactly what my four cards were, but they, and the series of cards I drew, let me get a quick start with some low-cost creatures. The cursed Elvish Skysweeper redeemed itself in that game, although the real hero for me was a slow start on my opponent's part.

The second game went even worse for my opponent—he didn't stick a creature the entire time. On his last turn before I was going to kill kill him, he laid his sixth land, looked at my five creatures that had him against the ropes, looked at a card in his hand very carefully, and called over a judge.

"Does it have to be that many?" he asked forlornly, holding up the card.

The judge nodded, and my opponent shrugged and conceded. As he packed up, he flashed me the card he couldn't quite play: Hex, of course.


What's the most you've ever mulliganed and still won? How did you do it? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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