Wizards Asks: 8/02/2011

Posted in Feature on August 2, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

What's your favorite two-card combo, and why?

Kelly Digges: There are plenty of two-card combos that just flat-out win you the game if they go off undisrupted. Splinter Twin + Deceiver Exarch has made quite the stir in competitive Standard, and the also-Standard-legal combo of Turntimber Ranger + Xenograft is pretty hilarious (and yes, that does work). And heck, if you're just going for power, how about Time Vault + Voltaic Key?

But my favorite two-card combo isn't anything like that. Unless I'm in a purely competitive environment, instantly winning the game—or engaging in some unbounded loop that's very, very likely to win me the game—isn't anywhere close to what I want to be doing when I play Magic. What have I proven? What have I gained? What story will anybody tell about that game, other than "That guy is a jerk"?

I'm much more entertained by combos that do something ridiculous, but ultimately fair—the kind you'll tell a story about, whether you win or lose. Basilisk Collar + Inferno Titan (or Bloodfire Colossus!). Phantom Centaur + Gaea's Anthem. Doubling Season plus... I don't know, Avenger of Zendikar. Or Riku of Two Reflections. Or Primordial Hydra. Or whatever. There's a huge number of these "fun but fair" combos, and I love many of them. The one that's been tickling my brain most recently is...

Quicksilver Gargantuan

...Quicksilver Gargantuan + Spawnwrithe. It's super-fragile, and honestly it's not even all that good. But every time my 7/7 trampler deals damage to a player, I get another 7/7 trampler with the same ability, and that is hilarious to me.

What's your favorite two-card combo, and why? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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