Wizards Asks: 8/09/2011

Posted in Feature on August 9, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

What's the coolest play you've pulled off in Magic 2012 Limited?

Kelly Digges: I'm a pretty outspoken advocate of playing Magic to have fun, but I've got a dirty secret: When I'm drafting the latest set for one-on-one play, the gloves are off. Although I still look for awesome stuff to do and will sometimes try harder than I probably should to pull off some particular silly trick, for the most part I'm really just trying to win (and sometimes even succeeding!)

The point here is that my coolest play from Magic 2012 Limited isn't something fun like Thran Golem + Angelic Destiny or Crumbling Colossus + Fling. It's not even something miserable yet hilarious like Manabarbs + Personal Sanctuary or Aegis Angel + Worldslayer (ugh). It's a combo between a reasonably powerful common and an extremely powerful uncommon, and you will probably see it happen at some point in competitive M12 Draft.

So the way this went is that I Mind Controlled my opponent's Stampeding Rhino and then attacked with it the next turn. She ended up double-blocking it to kill it and one of the blockers. This is good. Mind Control is very powerful. But "I Mind Controlled something" is not a cool play. The cool part was when I cast Auramancer to get back the Mind Control to get back the Stampeding Rhino, which was still the best creature available. Gimme that Rhino!

Mind Control

Yeah, that's right. Auramancer + Mind Control. Although I tend to think about Auramancer in terms of cute things like Trollhide or Goblin War Paint, it works just as well on key cards like Pacifism, Ice Cage, Arachnus Web, and, yes, Mind Control.

No, it's not like Mind Control needs any help. And no, I wouldn't describe this maneuver as "fun," exactly. But cool? Well, I certainly thought so. My Rhino-stomped opponent might disagree...

What's the coolest play you've pulled off in Magic 2012 Limited? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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