Wizards Asks: 8/26/2008

Posted in Feature on August 26, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

What is the best trade you've ever made in which you traded away a Magic card (or cards) for a non-Magic item?


Mark RosewaterMark Rosewater: I think the best I've ever done is to trade a Shivan Dragon for a large pizza. I was at a convention late night (this is before I worked for Wizards) and I was hungry. A friend who had been bugging me for my Shivan walks by with a fresh pizza that had just been delivered. I say, "So, do you really want the Shivan?"

The best trade I ever made is technically ineligible (since it's also partly a sale as opposed to just trading) but it's a good story. When Legends came out I bought a whole bunch of boxes, one of which I kept stashed away. When Revised (aka Third Edition) was going away, I managed to trade my Legends box for a case of Revised. Years later when I wanted to buy a very expensive television set ($2500 at the time and this was many years ago), I was able to cash out my case of Revised and use the money directly to buy the television which I still have to this day. That Legends box has provided hours and hours of entertainment.

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