Wizards Asks: 9/30/2008

Posted in Feature on September 30, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

What's the most unusual place you've ever played Magic?

Bill Stark

Bill Stark: The weirdest (but one of the coolest) places I ever played Magic was on a train from Berlin. Traveling with some fellow Magic pros after Pro Tour–Prague, we happened upon a train car filled with a bunch of German high school students. It just happened that a few of them were playing a group game of Magic, and I pointed out why we were in Europe as we passed through the car.

Before long they had challenged us to an epic battle, and for the rest of my life I will never forget how awesome it was to play Magic on a train in Germany while a horde of locals pressed in to see if their friends could beat the Americans. It was pretty wild.

What's the most unusual place you've ever played Magic? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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