Wizards Asks: 9/9/2008

Posted in Feature on September 9, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

What's the biggest comeback you've ever made in a Magic game?

Dave GuskinDave Guskin: Before I came to work at Wizards, I played a ton of drafts to improve my Limited game. You see, I had stopped playing through the tail end of high school and college, so I basically missed the invention of Limited formats. When I returned to the game, I was (and continue to be) amazed at how exciting and different each game of Limited could be. I've been in love with Limited ever since.

So it was in a triple-Ravnica Draft, running a pretty spicy Boros deck with an extremely aggressive curve of beaters and a couple amazing spells, that I made my biggest comeback ever. I was on the play, and I mulliganed to four, so I was already down. Then my opponent dropped a Selesnya Evangel on turn two, completely stymieing my changes of dealing any early damage, and I slumped into "out" position. However, my deck served me up the veritable Swiss army knife of tools to get me back on my feet: Sunforger!

SunforgerMy opponent was being conservative and just building up tons of Saprolings and burly green creatures (Bramble Elemental with Fists of Ironwood and Root-Kin Ally come to mind) rather than smacking me around. I had a smattering of small creatures (the 2/2 Veteran Armorer and the 2/1 first striking Nightguard Patrol) along with the Sunforger-equipped, Saproling-eating, double-striking Boros Swiftblade and the 4/1 "heavyweight" Ordruun Commando. My opponent felt secure with his impenetrable sapro-defenses, and was still at 20 life. And so, with only one card in hand and stuck at four lands, I won the game on my next attack.


That's right!

I Bathe in Light my fighting force in Light, granting them protection from green (and hence, his team), and smashed across the red zone. The observant among you will notice that I only have 18 points of damage, even with the Hammer of Bogardan That Forges Suns attached to my double-striker. That's where Rally the Righteous came in to the rescue. I placed my 7 points of first-strike damage on the stack (2 from Nightguard Patrol and 5 from Boros Swiftblade's first swing) and then unattached Sunforger to search up Rally the Righteous, making sure the remainder of my forces got in for the last 13 exactly!

I already had the Bathe in Light in my hand as I drew for the turn. So in order to win, stuck at my four lands, I just needed to NOT draw the Rally the Righteous, so that I could get the cost reduction via Sunforger's unattach ability. It was the un-topdeck of the century!

What's the biggest comeback you've ever made in a Magic game? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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