World Championship Decks 2003

Posted in Feature on August 12, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Collector's Highlights

2003 marked the Tenth Anniversary of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game and the introduction of the Eighth Edition Core Set. As part of celebrating a decade of Magic, all cards from the Eighth Edition Core Set forward have a brand new card face. For this special Worlds tournament, Eighth Edition cards were allowed into the Standard Constructed format faster than normal, giving players a chance to use them for the first time in the biggest Magic event of the year.

Since Eighth Edition cards were the only ones at Worlds to have the new card face, the cards in the World Championship Decks for 2003 got some special treatment. Every card in these decks--including those from sets before Eighth Edition have the new card face. Unless these cards are reprinted in later sets, you'll never see them like this again.

Game Features

We gathered four of the best decks from the 2003 World Championships held in Berlin, Germany. Each of these decks was constructed by a Pro Tour player for the Standard Constructed envrionment at the time, which included the Odyssey and Onslaught blocks and the brand-new Eighth Edition Core Set. Each deck features a 60 card main deck, 15 card sideboard, 12 proxy cards along with a decklist, and factsheet. These cards are gold bordered and feature the 2003 World Championship Deck backing.

Give Your Game A Solid Foundation

Play with four of the strongest decks in the world: The Magic: The Gathering 2003 World Championship Decks. Culled from the decks played by the best at the Worlds tournament in Berlin, these decks are a great way to improve your game and have fun doing so.

You can't go wrong with the top decks built by the world's top Magic players. Give your game a solid foundation: Get all four 2003 World Champ Decks today.

Famous Cards

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Goblin Piledriver Basking Rootwalla Mirari's Wake Entomb

Catch every moment of the action at Worlds 2003 in Berlin with the Sideboard Online event coverage.

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