World Championships Artist: Anthony Waters

Posted in Feature on May 11, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Anthony Waters's Cards
Card NameCard Set
Gorilla ShamanAlliances
Gorilla ShamanAlliances
Primitive JusticeAlliances
Martyrs’ TombApocalypse
Bloodfire InfusionApocalypse
Night // DayApocalypse
Shield of Duty and ReasonApocalypse
Life // DeathApocalypse
Yavimaya CoastApocalypse
Mycosynth LatticeDarksteel
Quicksilver BehemothDarksteel
Cinder WallEighth Edition
Soul ExchangeFallen Empires
Farrel’s MantleFallen Empires
Nim GrotesqueFifth Dawn
Opaline BracersFifth Dawn
Fold into ÆtherFifth Dawn
Ferocious ChargeFifth Dawn
Pale BearsIce Age
Diabolic VisionIce Age
Kjeldoran GuardIce Age
Gorilla PackIce Age
Elemental AuguryIce Age
White Mana BatteryLegends
Life ChiselLegends
Dream CoatLegends
Life MatrixLegends
Knowledge VaultLegends
Divine InterventionLegends
Mistform UltimusLegions
Rockshard ElementalLegions
Canopy CrawlerLegions
Living HiveMirrodin
War ElementalMirrodin
Elephant AmbushOdyssey
Charmed PendantOdyssey
Squirrel NestOdyssey
Steam VinesOdyssey
Infected VerminOdyssey
Wild MongrelOdyssey
Wirewood LodgeOnslaught
Aven FateshaperOnslaught
Wall of MulchOnslaught
Contested CliffsOnslaught
Windswept HeathOnslaught
Mistform SkyreaverOnslaught
Stag BeetleOnslaught
Kamahl’s SummonsOnslaught
Hazy HomunculusProphecy
Blessed WindProphecy
Thundercloud ElementalScourge
Dawn ElementalScourge
Root ElementalScourge
Spindrift DrakeStronghold
Whim of VolrathTempest
Winged SliverTempest
Onslaught Insect TokenToken Creatures
Onslaught Elemental TokenToken Creatures
Circular LogicTorment
Flock of Rabid SheepUnglued
Thran WeaponryUrza’s Legacy
Treetop VillageUrza’s Legacy
ForestUrza’s Saga
ForestUrza’s Saga
ForestUrza’s Saga
ForestUrza’s Saga

Anthony Scott Waters is a concept artist and illustrator based in Washington state. His career has taken him from the early days of interactive software all the way to Hollywood, with many stops in-between. He’s known as a monster maker and environment designer for Magic: The Gathering as well as companies like Microsoft, Hasbro, and Electronic Arts. His work has also been featured in “Spectrum: the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art” and toured the country in the MacExpo Digital Art Show.

Anthony lives in Bellevue with his two dogs, Barnum and Ellie Mae. His work can be viewed at

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