World Championships Artist: Daren Bader

Posted in Feature on May 11, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Daren Bader's Cards
Card NameCard Set
Kavu MaulerApocalypse
Bog GnarrApocalypse
Glade GnarrApocalypse
Mystic SnakeApocalypse
Greater HarvesterDarksteel
Spire GolemDarksteel
Talon of PainDarksteel
Skull of OrmEighth Edition
Mirri, Cat WarriorExodus
Standing TroopsExodus
Avenging DruidExodus
Rabid WolverinesExodus
Ravenous BaboonsExodus
School of PiranhaExodus
Oath of DruidsExodus
AcquireFifth Dawn
Tangle AspFifth Dawn
Eon HubFifth Dawn
Viridian ScoutFifth Dawn
Marauding KnightInvasion
Verdeloth the AncientInvasion
Urborg PhantomInvasion
Shivan HarvestInvasion
Battlefield ScroungerJudgment
Ridgetop RaptorLegions
Frenetic RaptorLegions
Shaleskin PlowerLegions
Macetail HystrodonLegions
Ceremonial GuardMercadian Masques
Wild JhovallMercadian Masques
Kyren GliderMercadian Masques
Altar’s LightMirrodin
Viridian JoinerMirrodin
Culling ScalesMirrodin
Neurok SpyMirrodin
Sliptide SerpentNemesis
Mind SwordsNemesis
Nantuko ElderOdyssey
Cultural ExchangeOdyssey
Jareth, Leonine TitanOnslaught
Walking DesecrationOnslaught
Goblin Sky RaiderOnslaught
Spurred WolverineOnslaught
Silent SpecterOnslaught
Thunderscape FamiliarPlaneshift
Sleeping PotionPlaneshift
Cavern HarpyPlaneshift
Jolrael’s FavorProphecy
Soul StringsProphecy
One with NatureScourge
Wing ShardsScourge
Twisted AbominationScourge
Call to the GraveScourge
Spirit LinkSeventh Edition
Goblin Elite InfantrySeventh Edition
Tidal WarriorStronghold
Flowstone HellionStronghold
Spitting HydraStronghold
Volrath’s CurseTempest
Heartwood TreefolkTempest
Legacy’s AllureTempest
Apocalypse Cat TokenToken Creatures
Major TerohTorment
Deep AnalysisTorment
[Soldier token card]Unglued
SplinterUrza’s Destiny
Multani, Maro-SorcererUrza’s Legacy
Shivan PhoenixUrza’s Legacy
Phyrexian BroodlingsUrza’s Legacy
SwatUrza’s Legacy
Lurking SkirgeUrza’s Legacy
FortitudeUrza’s Saga
Pouncing JaguarUrza’s Saga
Monk RealistUrza’s Saga
Zephid’s EmbraceUrza’s Saga
Argothian EnchantressUrza’s Saga
Hidden AncientsUrza’s Saga
GumaUrza’s Saga
Treetop RangersUrza’s Saga
ZephidUrza’s Saga
Monk IdealistUrza’s Saga
Bull HippoUrza's Saga

By day, Daren Bader is an art director at a video game company called Angel Studios. By night, he's a freelance painter of Magic: the Gathering cards and various other comic/card/book-related items. He’s a full-time family man with a beautiful wife, loving son, and hellaciously rambunctious and destructive 160-pound Newfoundland puppy named Bear.

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