Worldwake Sligh

Posted in Feature on February 1, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Jay Schneider's Worldwake Sligh

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From FFL playtester Jay Schneider:

At the start of every new format I begin designing decks from my comfort zone. Thus, my first deck in a format is always a Sligh deck. There are a few Worldwake cards that are exceptional for Sligh, most importantly Searing Blaze due to its amazing tempo. Any red one-drop that stands out is an obvious inclusion, so Dragonmaster Outcast went in next. Smoldering Spires is also an interesting card—the ability to sneak through a key creature like a Warren Instigator merits testing. Finally, Sligh decks really like having lands that turn into creatures, and while Lavaclaw Reaches is very strong, Raging Ravine seems a little more efficient and provides access to Bloodbraid Elf. The rest of the deck rounds the curve out with cards that provide synergy.

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