You Make The Card 2 - Step 9

Posted in Feature on August 13, 2003

By Mark Rosewater, R&D senior designer

After a long delay with the mechanics, “You Make The Card 2” has picked up speed. Last week we asked you to select a card concept. Here’s how the vote turned out:

LetterConceptSubmitted byVotes%
CHourglassHugo Carneiro141222.10%
DJewelKalev Tait125419.63%
JMechanical TreeAlan Mills82912.98%
EMirrorNate Hannon75111.76%
GPlowDan Solow65110.19%
ABag of SoilPeter Bradshaw3936.15%
FPaintingBenjamin Wolf3225.04%
ISundialRemus Shepherd2684.20%
BPuzzle GlobeThe_HounDs2614.09%
HFloating PyramidRichie Procopio2473.87%
Total 6388100.00%

So the winning concept is:
"An hourglass with a destroyed forest in the top chamber and a beautiful lush forest in the bottom chamber."

To go back and reread the 10 concept finalists, click here.

This week we’re jumping right in and picking an artist. We consulted with Magic’s art director, Jeremy Cranford, to select ten appropriate artists who have agreed to participate. (Those of you that watched the first “You Make the Card” know that we ask a little extra of the chosen artist.)

Here are the ten artists with a little highlight of some of their Magic work (Aaron chose artifacts where possible to show you the artist’s take on them.)

Daren Bader

Daren Bader art sample
Brass Herald
Skull of Orm
(Eighth Edition)
Crater Hellion
(Urza's Saga)

Matt Cavotta

Matt Cavotta art sample
Phyrexian Lens
(Mercadian Masques)
(Eighth Edition)

Dave Dorman

Dave Dorman art sample
Aladdin's Ring
(Eighth Edition)
Grapeshot Catapult
(Seventh Edition)
Urza's Filter

Greg & Tim Hildebrandt

Greg & Tim Hildebrandt art sample
Braidwood Cup
(Urza's Destiny)
Akroma's Vengeance
Circle of Protection: Blue
(Eighth Edition)

Christopher Moeller

Christopher Moeller art sample
Copper-Leaf Angel
Fodder Cannon
(Eighth Edition)
Wall of Spears
(Eighth Edition)

Paolo Parente

Paolo Parente art sample
(Urza's Destiny)
Flowstone Armor
Time Stretch

Ron Spencer

Ron Spencer art sample
Phyrexian Processor
(Urza's Saga)
Diamond Kaleidoscope
Ensnaring Bridge
(Eighth Edition)

Justin Sweet

Justin Sweet art sample
Arcanis the Omnipotent
Centaur Chieftain
Bane of the Living

Arnie Swekel

Arnie Swekel art sample
Crenellated Wall
(Mercadian Masques)
Kyren Toy
(Mercadian Masques)
Crosis's Attendant

Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson art sample
Volcanic Hammer
(Eighth Edition)
Long-Term Plans
Tattoo Ward

Deadline for this vote is midnight (EST) Sunday, August 17th. Click here to vote. Note that you must be both registered and logged in to vote.

I think this is going to be a tough vote. Have fun!

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