You Make The Card - Step 15

Posted in Feature on July 2, 2002

By Mark Rosewater, R&D senior designer

The people have spoken, but a third of you couldn’t agree. It’s time for a run-off. Here are the top three vote getters (in no particular order):

Concept A - A humanoid elemental of moss supports itself with a hand against a dead tree. From where the elemental touches, it spreads wild regrowth.

Concept B - A shambling plant-creature which can quickly grow large thorny spikes to protect itself. Afterwards it can shed these thorns, which make excellent weapons.

Concept C - A Venus flytrap with an oversized mouth inhales a spell. Tubules emit the spell from behind; small buds are seen.

The deadline for the run-off will be midnight, Sunday, July 7th. After the run-off we will post the identities of the ten card concept creators.

Register HERE - Vote HERE

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