You Make the Comic: 10/17/2008

Posted in Feature on October 17, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Each week we'll post a "comic" made from three random pieces of Magic art. Your challenge is to take that comic and finish it off with whatever funny text, thought bubbles, or other dialogue makes it work.

First off, here's the comic from last week:

Hibernation's End, Goblin War Drums (version 1), Venerable Monk (Seventh Edition)

Once again, we have a tie! So enjoy these two music-themed winners. First, Iandustrial's take:

And here's PhoenixLAU:

Congratulations to both of the winners!

And now here's this week's comic:

Shock (Stronghold) – Crossbow Infantry (Mercadian Masques) – Crypt Angel (Invasion)

See below for complete rules, but the basic idea is that we'll take submissions by email and then post the top contenders for a vote on the message boards Tuesday afternoon, at which point everybody will have 24 hours to vote for their favorite. We invite you to post your comics to the message boards and discuss your favorites, but only submissions sent in to the official email address will be considered for the poll. Next Friday when we come back we'll show the winning comic along with a shout out to the creator, and then post the new comic for the following week.

So here's your chance to show the world just how funny you are. How will this work out? Are we totally crazy? We're not sure, so we'll see how many of you are up to the challenge.

When you're ready, read the rules and guidelines, and then follow the directions to send in your version of the comic. Remember that the winner gets to be seen here on the site so make sure that whatever you're doing, it's something we can (and want to!) show on the site.

Get creative, have fun, and check the thread on Tuesday in the special "You Make the Comic!" forum to vote for your favorite!

Click here to see the rules.

Submission Rules

All submission must be emailed here.
Submissions will be open from the Friday the comic art is posted until the following Monday afternoon at 3:00 pm PDT / 2200 UTC.

The top ten submissions will be chosen by staff from the entries submitted.
A poll will be posted on Tuesday afternoon in the "You Make the Comic!" forum for the community to vote on. The poll will stay open 24 hours. The winning entry will be posted the following Friday.

Format Rules

Each submission must consist of a copy of the available 3 panel image that has the user's dialogue added to it.

Each entrant may add dialogue to each panel for their entry. Thought or text bubbles or balloons may be added as well. No other alteration of the art will be accepted except to allow for whatever text you are adding. All comics must be within the guidelines of the forums code of conduct and must be appropriate for showing on the official site. Keep in mind, if you want a chance to win you will need to consider what kind of comic we would want to see on our website.

Any submission that has the art altered in any other way (outside of included text and/or dialogue balloons) will be ineligible. Submissions must also include either your first name or forum name so we can credit you if you make it. You may also include where you're from if you'd like that included should you make the voting or become the winner.


What is "You Make the Comic?"

You Make the Comic is an activity from that allows readers to create comics from art provided by Wizards of the Coast. Each week a winner will be chosen by the community from a list of submissions chosen by staff, and that winner's comic will be published on the official web site.

Who can submit a comic?


What are the guidelines?

All comics must be within the guidelines of the forums code of conduct. Keep in mind; if you want a chance to win you will need to consider what kind of comic we would want to see on our website!

How do I submit a comic?

All submissions must be emailed here. Make sure to include where you're from and either your first name or your forum name so we can credit you if you do well enough to make the vote or be the winner.

How do I create a comic?

Save a copy of the comic onto your computer (Windows example: right click on the comic and choose "Save Image As"). You can then add your own text to the comic using any graphic program like Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint. After adding text and/or dialogue balloons to the image, save it as a JPEG or GIF file. This image file should then be attached to your emailed submission.

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