Young Jund

Posted in Feature on March 27, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Jund is noticeably lacking the Thragtusks and Huntmaster of the Fells it used to have. One option is to go the "Boss Jund" route with cards like Sylvan Caryatid and either Stormbreath Dragon or Desecration Demon. However, another option is to play more of a beatdown-oriented game centered on incremental damage.

Young Pyromancer

Strangledangles used the latter option with Burning-Tree Emissary, Young Pyromancer, Deathrite Shaman, and Scavenging Ooze at the core. Filling out your removal-heavy deck with Burning-Tree Emissary isn't necessarily going to impress anyone by itself, but that damage starts to add up, especially if you have something like Young Pyromancer or Xenagos, the Reveler cranking out tokens. Deathrite Shaman, Rakdos's Return, and burn spells also do a pretty good job of closing the game once you've dealt some initial damage.

Unlike previous Jund Midrange decks, this deck isn't necessarily looking at playing a long game. Its removal spells are simply meant to keep your opponent off balance long enough for you to get those last few points of damage in. It's a relatively rare type of strategy, but it's not all that different from Mono-Black Devotion. You should check it out!

Strangledangles's Pyromancer Jund

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