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Posted in Feature on March 7, 2006

By Staff

The first round of this Legends Bracket edition of You Decide! is over. Here's an overview of how the top seeds performed, and some commentary on the seemingly inevitable upsets.

The seedings largely held true in the picturesque region of Tolaria, with only the fifteenth-seed Tolsimir Wolfblood scoring an upset over second-seeded Sol'kanar the Swamp King. It remains to be seen if anything can get in the way of the mighty Sliver Queen. Likewise, the only upset in Hammerheim was Ambassador Laquatus taking his thirteenth seed and beating Gerrard Capashen over the head with it. Hammerheim still looks set for the glamorous Akroma-vs.-Phage quarterfinal matchup.

In Urborg, things were much more topsy-turvy; eleventh seed Yosei, the Morning Star upset Braids, Cabal Minion while seventh-seed Darigaaz, the Igniter lost to the tenth-seeded Kodama of the North Tree (and exactly how is it that a dragon named "the Igniter" couldn't finish off a tree in the first place? You'd think an all-wood opponent would be ideal). Mirri, Cat Warrior scored a mild upset from the ninth seed, vanquishing Mistform Ultimus, showing that while everybody enjoys a good Lady-of-Proper-Etiquette who's also a Giant Barbarian Slug, cat girls still rule the internet. We'll see what happens in the next round, though, as most experts expect Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind to make short work of the Forestwalking Mirri.

Over in Pendelhaven, a massive upset sent first-seeded Squee, Goblin Nabob down for the count when Cromat somehow won. In fact, six of the eight results in Pendelhaven were upsets, including Keiga, the Tide Star over Phelddagrif; Volrath the Fallen over Nicol Bolas; Ascendant Evincar over Ertai, Wizard Adept; Mageta the Lion over Karn, Silver Golem; and Razia, Boros Archangel over Dakkon Blackblade. With so much chaos, it looks like Rith, the Awakener might have an easy path to the Final Quatrain (sorry, had to use a non-trademarked phrase there), although Reya should provide a tough fight...

Here's the breakdown of the thirty-two legends left standing (or flying or, in the case of Ambassador Laquatus, swimming):

Five-Color Legends: 2
Three-Color Legends: 1
Two-Color Legends: 5

Monocolor Legends:
Black: 9
White: 4
Blue: 4
Red: 4
Green: 3

Remaining Legends by Set:
Champions of Kamigawa: 6
Onslaught: 4
Ravnica: City of Guilds: 3
Guildpact: 2
Legions: 2
Invasion: 2
Nemesis: 2
Homelands: 2
Betrayers of Kamigawa: 1
Torment: 1
Odyssey: 1
Apocalypse: 1
Planeshift: 1
Prophecy: 1
Exodus: 1
Stronghold: 1
Mirage: 1


Remaining Legends from Legends: 0

Now that the absolute chaff has been weeded out, the action continues in Round Two. See the entire breakdown on the Bracket, and come back each day to vote, because there'll be no winner, of course, unless You Decide!

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