Zombie Bombardment

Posted in Feature on July 4, 2012

By Conley Woods

All eyes were on Atlanta this past weekend as more than nine hundred players slogged through constant temperatures above 100 degrees to play in the last North American Legacy Grand Prix of the year. Land Tax had just been unbanned and everyone was looking to see if it would have an impact. Instead, while Gaudenis Vidugiris might have won the trophy, it was Sam Black's Top 8 Zombie Bombardment deck that might have produced the most memorable moments.

Sam's deck starts off by generating big creature advantage through recursion or token production like Bitterblossom and Bloodghast. Naturally, Sam wanted to take advantage of that abundance of creatures, so in go Goblin Bombardment, Cabal Therapy, and Carrion Feeder. Carrion Feeder would turn every black mana, in the case of Gravecrawler, or land, in the case of Bloodghast, into a +1/+1 counter. That might not seem like much, but it can get out of hand quite fast. I can personally testify to it as I chump-blocked said Carrion Feeder with my Griselbrand as early as turn three against Sam! Yikes! Sam kicks his deck into full gear, though, when he has access to a Blood Artist as well. Now all of that sacrificing is applying even more pressure and allowing you to win races with ease.

With Legacy in the spotlight, being able to showcase the range of the format through a deck like Sam's is great! The format may reward those who enjoy their Griselbrands and those who enjoy their Delver of Secrets, but there is still a little left for the Goblin Bombardment lover too! Check out the full coverage of Grand Prix Atlanta here.

Sam Black's Zombie Bombardment

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