Zombie Pod

Posted in Feature on May 25, 2012

By Gavin Verhey

When Gavin Verhey was eleven, he dreamt of a job making Magic cards—and now as a Magic designer, he's living his dream! Gavin has been writing about Magic since 2005.

Chris Schafer kicked off to a fabulous 9–0 start at Grand Prix Minneapolis. His deck of choice? Zombie Pod! This fantastically rogue deck turned heads of deck builders at the Grand Prix, using interactions few people had even tried!

This unique deck combines Birthing Pod with a Zombie curve, using recurring creatures like Geralf's Messenger and Gravecrawler to fuel the Pod turn after turn. Whereas most Birthing Pod decks chain up a single creature and use a bunch of enters-the-battlefield abilities in their favor, this deck can amass an army without losing a board presence at all!

One of the most powerful—yet innocuous—cards in the Zombie Pod deck is Blood Artist. Every time you activate Birthing Pod, run your Gravecrawler into a blocker, or just sacrifice a Fume Spitter you drain your opponent for one. Near the top of the curve, Vampire Aristocrat allows you to sacrifice all of your creatures at will, potentially draining all of your opponent's life in one fell swoop!

If the game goes on long, the deck can assemble a Blood Artist combo of sorts to hyper combo finish the opponent off! Gravecrawler in conjunction with Blood Artist and Vampire Aristocrat means you can pay to drain the opponent for 1. If your opponents don't have an answer, this makeshift vampiric fireball will quickly finish them off!

Chris reinvented the idea of a Birthing Pod deck with this brand new archetype. This exciting version is something worth seeing in action—try bringing it to Friday Night Magic tonight!

Chris Schafer's Zombie Pod

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