The Ferocious Vorrac

Posted in Arcana on May 14, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

A vorrac is a green-aligned beast native to the plane of Mirrodin. It's a boarlike creature with huge, curving, coppery tusks, and can often be found flattening the undergrowth of the Tangle. During Mirrodin set design, the beast was called a "djeeruk."

Copperhoof Vorrac Copperhoof Vorrac art by Matt Cavotta

Artificers on Mirrodin were responsible for the Clockwork Vorrac, a magically animated metal version of the boar-beast. The Viridian elves of the Tangle hunted this unnatural abomination.

Clockwork Vorrac
Vorrac Battlehorns

Vorrac Battlehorns shows the tusks of a vorrac forged into a hand-held weapon, magically infused with the beast's unstoppable ferocity.

Speaking of ferocity, note that the Fifth Dawn "Giant Growth" effect Ferocious Charge depicts a vorrac on the rampage. (Happy Scry Week!)

Ferocious Charge Ferocious Charge art by Anthony S. Waters

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